Design & Install

Pentatonic, tasked us with with creating a studio and work space that emulates their belief in a sustainable and responsible approach to daily life.

We set a mutual challenge to work entirely within the parameters of the circular economy.

Petatonic_London_Office_2019 (5).jpg

We wanted their showroom to pay homage to their beliefs in the circular economy.

We sourced steel ventilation panels destined for scrap to refurnish as wall dividers.

We salvaged Dibond panels for lightboxes and recovered cable ties rather then traditional welding techniques - allowing that product to return back to a recyclable state after use.

And we showed off our expertise in lighting and installed a custom neon with some words to summarise their products. 


Petatonic_London_Office_2019 (3).jpg


Design, Build & Install




Nicce has evolved into a lifestyle brand, centred around music.

We were asked to design, build and install their flagship location, a shop, event space and recording studio in shoreditch.


Our key aim was to emphasise the music and the transformation.

Other Stuff sourced perforated steel panels from Dortmund, proportioned and powder-coated them to create an image of speaker covers to resonate the theme of music throughtout.

Perforated steel serves as a practical system for the custom shelving, layout can change from retail store to event space with minimal work.

Other Stuff designed and built the recording studio, creating an interactive space where consumers and artists can interact.

Architectural door design allows recording space to open into performance space in minutes. 


Photography by

Nick Tydeman Photography

Lumens x Nicce_12.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 14.38.47.png

Charles Vane

Build & Install

In 2019 Charles Vane entered London with a bang, going for a two story concept store in one of the worlds most competative retail areas, Covent Garden. 

Other Stuff's role was to design and manufacture fixtures and fittings for the store, to work with and build on the wider store design.


Swedish pine chosen for shelving and fittings. It has a beautiful grain, and compliments the existing colour scheme.

More practically, it's light, concept stores by their nature, need to be easy to adjust.

Powder coated scaffold was erected on-site for shelving and hanging areas, then we cut in pine shelves.

We created pastel shaded iridescent panalling to break up and soften the lighting, and also to be a central feature.

Partitions for the changing rooms were constructed from salvaged storage crates, stacked and bound to create an area which can pack itself down into itself and be easily cleared away for events. 


Photography by

Nick Tydeman Photography



Design Concepts

We created a design and toolkit for a retail collaboration between Nike and Off-White. The remit was to reflect the innovation and ambition of the two brands.

Deconstructing the Swoosh, Other Stuff designed LED tube lighting, rebendable and durable, to place around the pop up.

The visual was the Swoosh merging with it's Off-White environment but drawing customers toward the product.

FRV 4.jpg
FRV 1 Rev A.jpg

Nicholas Kirkwood

Design, Build & Install

Globally renowed luxury footwear desginer Nicholas Kirkwood asked Other Stuff to design, build and install window displays in their Mayfair store, showcasing the launch of the brands first sneaker.


We knew we could create something to catch peoples eye, but we wanted to ensure our work held their attention on the product.

Custom built neons were suspended and braced, cetralising the product, backed with a mirrored acrylic.

Colours were chosen based on what would stand out  in the immediate area, window vinyl was added to emphasise the affect.

We programmed the neon to flash inward and in an alternate pattern, producing the mirror tunnel and making the product appear to glow. 


Photography by

Nick Tydeman Photography


Daily Paper

Build & Install

Amsterdam based designers brought one of Europes most exciting new brands into Shoreditch for a month. 

Other Stuff were asked to create a space where customers could experience the design trios Autumn/Winter collection for the first time in the UK.


Photography By

Nick Tydeman

Other Stuff designed, built and installed custom everything, including three by three meter lightboxes.

Daily Paper wanted a minimal design, to allow transition from event to retail space when needed, we decided on light and reflection being the core of the design.

Brushed aluminium was the key material theme, it's light weight for moving, maleable, and the grain softens and reflects light.

Light Art.JPG


Design, Build & Install

Other stuff were asked to redesign and install a pop up for Versace within Selfridges.

An extremely high paced project, demanding creative brains that can focus on both aesthetic and pragmatism, to meet the production and design standards you would expect from heritage brands.


First we stripped, then replaced the existing work, creating a custom backdrop, mannequins, neon signage, seating and flooring.

Everything was produced and manufactured in our studio ready to fit straight into the space out of trading hours.

We designed, built and installed for Versace within twelve hours to ensure the client was ready to present their product to a standard they were happy with, for the following trading day.


Photography by

Nick Tydeman Photography



Photoshoot Set Build & Install

Otherstuff collaborated with Superdry to create a minimilist fashion shoot set.

CR14507 MARKETING - SS20 ICONS Womens 6

With only two days between, order and delivery, the team worked through the weekend to create, deliver and install a series of plinths, backdrops and props.

We went with minimalist clean lines for the plinths, and created custom cut purspex to elevate the products and create a shadowed backdrop

CR14507 MARKETING - SS20 ICONS Womens 5

Links of London

Design, Build & Install

Other Stuff were asked to design, build and install a nationwide visual merchandising project for a christmas campaign for jewelers, Links of London.

Links of london still life neon display.

LED lined acrylic perspex squares were suspended in the windows, with double sided promotional boards centred within.

Neon script was designed and created, chrome foliage was cut to decorate windows with the intention for them to catch the light created. 


Store graphics and light boxes were fitted for stores with smaller window space.


Butterfly Project


Other Stuff drew inspiration from pieces by Carlos Amorales for a design and toolkit for an undisclosed clients concept store in New York.

Using a precision zund cutter, di-bond black butterflies made a swarm like overlay on top of hot wired EPS resin coated foam - scenically painted to look like raw cut concrete.

Doing this we were able to contribute to, rather then over power the foundation of the breif, which was simple; to ensure the product stands out.



Design, Build & Install

The sexual happiness people, Lovehoney, approached Other Stuff to design, build and install their pop up store in Soho. 

They wanted fun, playful, and to be able to highlight as many new products as possible to consumers over the Christmas period. 

Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 19.40.53.png

Photography by

Nick Tydeman

Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 19.41.29.png

Being christmas, we themed on 'what your true love would give to you', creating a sweet shop style interior to display twelve products to represent the twelve days of christmas.


We designed, created and installed graphics, neon and props as well as building the surrounding walls, and providing staff.

The bright product branding speaks for itself, we focused on a high spec, simple build allowing the products to take centre stage.


Overall, Other Stuff built a pop up that normalised the feeling of shopping for items designed to enhance your sex life. 


Big Cat

Design & Build

Practicing our design and metal work skills, and wanted a companion.

But someone left the workshop door open and our beautiful cat has gone for wander round the city.

Being six feet of cut and buffed chrome, designed to create a warped disco ball affect, our beloved cat isn't hard to miss.

Please let us know if you see it.


Knight Frank

Design, Build & Install

Knight Frank, the UK's largest independent real esate consultancy, wanted Other Stuff to renovate their communal work space's, to demonstrate to staff and clients, their stance as the forward thinking thought leaders of their market.


We custom built all furniture and fixtures, sourcing American white oak as the consistent material to ensure ease of repruduction across multiple locations, it's also durable, and it looks beautiful.

Custom upholstery combined with the polished oak core walked the line between corporate and creative.

State of the art lighting chosen to soften the space and used with the oak in a suspended ceiling to unite all components.


Photography By

Nick Tydeman



Build & Install

Global retail giants Zara, wanted to see whether Other Stuff could make their Oxford Street store front stand out, to help promote their new line during London Fashion week, and across the season. 

Zara Interior Lighting.jpg

Lighting, and using it affectively, is a huge passion for us, retail is all about making people see what you need them to see. 

OtherStuff hung over four hundred individual thirtyfive mm acrylic rods to create a piece that was inspired by Keith Sonnier's BA-O-BA series in the seventies.

We focused on installing the light to draw eyes to the front, guide them to the products, and then to the door, repeated inside to where the product was in store.

Lighting was programmed to flash in various sequences to further catch and guide the consumers eye.

Seeing our work on one of the worlds most famous high streets, during London Fashion week, was incredible, as was receiving the awards and accolades for this project.

Photography By

Nick Tydeman


Skinny Dip

Build & Install

Skinny Dip spotted a market as soon as the first Apple Iphone dropped. 

Launching a range of creative protective cases saved many a smashed screen and allowed people to make their phone stand out. 

Skinny Dip secured spaces on the highest footfall points in Selfridges, and wanted Other Stuff to add weight to an already noticable product to ensure a return of investment.

Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 19.04.32.png
WhatsApp Image 2020-07-15 at

Skinny Dip's brand is loud, Other Stuff worked within the terms of Selfridges to create movable and interchangable showcase units which would act as a loudspeaker for their loud products.

We sourced carbon steel for the frame and sheeting as it's light and extremely durable. and chose to power coat due to it's resistance to scratches and chipping.

For changable shelving and display we installed rare-earth magnets, and finished with LED lit acrylic edges to frame products,

LED lit edges also installed to hit the polished floor, for grabbing the attention of those who like to look at their phones while walking through department stores.



Design, Build & Install

Otherstuff worked with Collins to celebrate their second century of existance.

It's a huge milstone, so to be selected to help them celebrate it, and showcase the work they've done over the years was a real pleasure.


Other Stuff wanted to create a space for Collins that showed the company’s heritage, while demonstrating they are part of the current and future.

We created a pop up in Soho producing the cabinets, graphics, AV and decoration throughout.

The key design decision was highlighting the classic branding as a top banner, enabling the new products to stand out to the consumer.


Photography by

Nick Tydeman Photography