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Malone Souliers

Build & Install

Malone Souliers launched its first UK store in 2021 on Mount Street London.

Other_Stuff was tasked with building elements and facilitating the refit and installation of the split level 1500 square foot retail space.

Malone S 1.jpg
Malone S 3.jpg
Malone S2.jpg

Classic Football Shirts

Build & Install

Classic Football Shirts opened their new London HQ in the Summer of 2021. Other_Stuff were tasked with the build and installation. 

soc 2_edited.jpg

Starting from a blank canvas, Other_Stuff refreshed the brick walls, installed workshop built fixtures and divided the unit for its duel use of shop/social space though use of partition and free standing elements.  The back of house was completely refitted as well as changing rooms constructed.

soc s.JPG


Design, Build & Install

Nicce has evolved into a lifestyle brand, centred around music.

We were asked to design, build and install their flagship location, a shop, event space and recording studio in Shoreditch.

Lumens x Nicce_23.jpg

Our key aim was to emphasise the music and the transformation.

Other_Stuff sourced perforated steel panels, which were proportioned and powder-coated to create an image of speaker covers to resonate the theme of music throughout.

Perforated steel served as a practical system for the custom shelving. Layout could be changed from retail store to event space with minimal work.

Other_Stuff also designed and built the recording studio, creating an interactive space for consumers and artists.

Lumens x Nicce_12.jpg

Photography by

Nick Tydeman Photography

Charles Vane

Build & Install

In 2019 Charles Vane entered London with a bang, going from a two-story concept store in one of the world's most competitive retail areas, Covent Garden. 

Other_Stuff's role was to manufacture fixtures and fittings for the store, to work with and build on the wider store design.


Swedish pine was chosen for shelving and fittings. With its beautiful grain it complimented the existing colour scheme. More practically as it is lightweight it would be easy to adjust given the nature of concept stores.

Powder coated scaffold was erected on-site for shelving and hanging areas, then we cut in pine shelves.

We created pastel shaded iridescent panalling to break up and soften the lighting, and also to be a central feature.

Partitions for the changing rooms were constructed from salvaged storage crates, stacked and bound to create an area which can pack itself down into itself and be easily cleared away for events. 



Design & Install

Pentatonic tasked us with creating a studio and workspace that emulates their belief in a sustainable and responsible approach to daily life.

We set a mutual challenge to work entirely within the parameters of the circular economy.

Petatonic_London_Office_2019 (5).jpg

We wanted their showroom to pay homage to their beliefs in the circular economy.

We sourced steel ventilation panels destined for scrap to refurnish as wall dividers.

We salvaged Dibond panels for lightboxes and recovered cable ties rather than traditional welding techniques - allowing that product to return back to a recyclable state after use.


Petatonic_London_Office_2019 (3).jpg

Knight Frank

Build & Install

Other_Stuff where tasked with modernising the reception of one of the clients Soho properties.


We custom built all furniture and fixtures, sourcing American durable white oak as the consistent material to ensure ease of reproduction across multiple locations.

Custom upholstery combined with the polished oak core walked the line between corporate and creative.



Daily Paper

Build & Install

Amsterdam based designers brought one of Europe's most exciting new brands into Shoreditch for a month. 

Other_Stuff were asked to create a space where customers could experience the design trios Autumn/Winter collection for the first time in the UK.


Other_Stuff designed, built and installed all elements, including the 3 x 3m lightboxes.

Daily Paper wanted a minimal design, to allow transition from event to retail space when needed. Light and reflection was used as a core of the design.

Brushed aluminum was the key material theme due to it being light weight for moving, malleable and that the grain softens and reflects light.

Light Art.JPG
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