Dr. Barbara Sturm

Build & Install

Other_stuff were tasked with delivering an interactive living landscape in Dr. Barbara Sturms windows ahead of the launch of a new product range in spring 22. 

The window encouraged the public to take photos of the window via capturing them within in a mirrored Polaroid.




Design, Build & Install

Other_stuff were asked to redesign and install a pop up for Versace within Selfridges.

Bespoke elements where produced and tied together with a bold matching colour scheme

Other_Stuff de-rigged and replaced the existing concession, creating a custom backdrop, mannequins, neon signage, seating and flooring.




Photoshoot Set Build & Install

CR14507 MARKETING - SS20 ICONS Womens 6

With only two days between, order and delivery, the team worked through the weekend to create, deliver and install a series of plinths, backdrops and props.

We went with minimalist clean lines for the plinths, and created custom cut purspex to elevate the products and create a shadowed backdrop

CR14507 MARKETING - SS20 ICONS Womens 5
CR14507 MARKETING - SS20 ICONS Mens 3.jp


Design, Build & Install


Being Christmas, we created a sweet shop style interior to display twelve products to represent the twelve days of Christmas.


We designed, created and installed graphics, neon and props as well as building the surrounding walls.

The bright product branding speaks for itself, we focused on a high spec, simple build allowing the products to take center stage.

The sexual happiness people, Lovehoney, approached Other Stuff to design, build and install their pop up store in Soho. 

They wanted fun, playful, and to be able to highlight as many new products as possible to consumers over the Christmas period. 

Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 19.40.53.png
Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 19.41.29.png

Nicholas Kirkwood

Design, Build & Install

Globally renowed luxury footwear desginer Nicholas Kirkwood asked Other Stuff to design, build and install window displays in their Mayfair store, showcasing the launch of the brands first sneaker.


Custom built lighting were suspended and braced, cetralising the product, backed with a mirrored acrylic.

Colours were chosen based on what would stand out  in the immediate area, window vinyl was added to emphasise the affect.

The lighting was programmed to flash inward and in an alternate pattern, producing the mirror tunnel and making the product appear to glow. 



Design, Build & Install

Other_stuff worked with Collins to celebrate their second century of existence.

It's a huge milestone, so to be selected to help them celebrate it, and showcase the work they've done over the years was a real pleasure.


Other_Stuff create a space for Collins that showed the company’s heritage, while demonstrating they are part of the current and future.

We created a pop up in Soho, fitting the cabinets, graphics, AV and decoration throughout.

The key design decision was highlighting the classic branding as a top banner, enabling the new products to stand out to the consumer.



Build & Install

Global retail giants Zara, wanted to see whether Other Stuff could make their Oxford Street store front stand out, to help promote their new line during London Fashion week, and across the season. 

Zara Interior Lighting.jpg

OtherStuff hung over one hundred individual thirtyfive mm acrylic rods to create a piece that was inspired by Keith Sonnier's BA-O-BA series in the seventies.

We focused on installing the light to draw eyes to the front, guide them to the products, and then to the door, repeated inside to where the product was in store.

Lighting was programmed to flash in various sequences to further catch and guide the consumers eye.